It is quite evident that Dr. Allison is not seeking to win a popularity contest! No man writes or preaches on the theme of Bible standards without facing the unhappiness of his readers and listeners and their open distastes and disapproval of his ministry.

However, Dr. Allison has based the message of this book clearly and definitely upon the Holy Word of God. He has not given any private interpretation of Scriptures, but has placed before all people the evident and plain teachings of God unto us.

As a separated Christian, you will be strengthened by the reading of this book. As a Christian, void of standards and lukewarm in your allegiance to the service of Christ, you will be stirred to new depths of thought, and I trust to new standards of holy living. The last chapter does state the great importance of preaching Bible standards. The chapter is entitled, "Holiness, Our Hope For Revival." Without holiness, our praying is in vain. Without holiness, our soul winning is meager. Without holiness, our churches are dead and lifeless.

Yes, you will be blessed by the reading of this book. I commend Dr. Allison for the writing of it.



Standards: should they be preached? Should the preacher mention specifics? Isn't it legalism to preach standards?

In fundamental churches today, the biggest troubles usually center around standards. Most national radio and TV preachers never mention specifics and even chide preachers who do. Then the church members begin to wonder about their pastor since the "big" preachers don't preach so hard. With only 3 or 4 services a week the pastor not have time to go into all the Bible verses behind every conviction each time he preaches.

Therefore the purpose of this book is to give the pastor who still believes in old-fashioned standards for godly living something he can put in the hands of his old and new members that will reinforce his preaching. Hopefully, these pages Biblically answer many of the objections pastors receive concerning their preaching. May God use this as an effective tool for His glory.


In 1971 I trusted Christ as my personal Savior while working at a radio station in Otsego, Michigan. Three years later I surrendered to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ after hearing Missionary Charles Hocking (missionary to Brazil with Baptist Mid-Missions). I decided to attend Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Like students often do, I began to complain about the rules and standards. After all, I had a strong desire to serve the Lord. I was sincere. I was convinced the school was being a little picky about how Christians were to live. Because of my critical attitude, God set me on the shelf, as in 10 months I led only one adult to Jesus Christ.

During that time Jack Hyles was scheduled to preach at Trinity Baptist Church in Chattanooga, and since I had never heard him before, I decided to attend. That night he preached on criticism. For about 90 minutes Dr. Hyles walked all over my critical attitude. When the invitation was given I went forward and confessed my sin to God. I vowed to God that I would study the Bible, and if the convictions held by Tennessee Temple were taught in the Word of God then they would be my convictions. If they were not taught in the Word of God, then I would not worry about them. But regardless, I was going to end my criticisms of the place. Once I decided to make the Word of God my final authority, regardless of how I personally felt, my life changed drastically. In fact, on the day of my graduation I mentioned to Dr. Roberson that as far as I knew, I had every conviction the school stood for. By the way, within two weeks of my decision to end the criticism and study the Word of God concerning standards, I won five adults to Jesus Christ. My challenge to those who disagree about certain standards is to set aside a critical spirit and honestly study the Word of God. May personal desires be set aside by those who read this book, and may they read with the attitude, "If that is what The Book teaches, I will obey it, whether I like it or not."

Let us be like the Bereans who searched the Scriptures daily, to see "whether those things were so."

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