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Current Offerings

Title Instructor Text by Description Fee
The Doctrine of The Church Marlett Wheeler Nine lessons and supplemental reading selected by Dr Wheeler covering nearly every aspect of the Lord's Church. The text was written by Dr Wheeler as a Sunday School series and adapted by WCBC for use here. The course is provided free of charge to allow potential students (and guests) a chance to see how our online courses operate. $0
The Normal Christian Life Marlett Allgood Thirty-three lessons covering nearly every aspect of the Christian life. The text was originally written by Bro Greg Allgood as a Sunday School series and adapted by WCBC for use here. Any Christian will profit from this thoroughly Biblical course. $100
King James Bible Issue Marlett Various An examination of Textual Criticism and a defense of the King James Bible as the preserved Word of God. The course features audio lectures by various authorities, primarily Dr. David Cloud. Your KJV is the only text required for this course. $100
The Work of Christ Marlett Gaebelein This course examines the three-fold nature of Christ's work, His past work, His present work, and His future work. The text is by A.C. Gaebelein and it is supplied on-line. $100
Esther Marlett Wheeler This study through the Book of Esther was written by Dr Dennis Wheeler. The instructor is Dr Marlett and the study-guide/text is online. $60
The Biblical Philosophy of Soulwinning Marlett Corle Soulwinning is the duty of every child of God. This text by Dr. Dennis Corle gives a thorough explanation of when, where and why. This course is highly recommended for everyone serious about serving their Saviour. The text IS NOT online. You can by a copy from WCBC or through The quizes are provided here online. $100
Genesis: The Book of Origins Marlett Marlett A study of the "beginnings" in the Book of Beginnings. There are twenty-four lessons covering the time period from Creation through The Flood. The text is online and planned to be read along side of your King James Bible. This is a study of the foundation of the foundation of our Bible. $80
Why Four Gospels? Marlett Pink The text is by A. W. Pink and is offered online. This course looks at the similarities and differences of the gospels and provides a clear explanation to the question, "Why?" There are only six modules in this course... Six very full modules. $80
Galatians Marlett Allison An in depth look at a crucial book in a thorough understanding of the doctrine of salvation. Audio lectures by Dr Mike Allison are supplemented by selected commentary passages. All materials except your King James Bible are supplied online. $100

Fee Refund Schedule

All fees must be paid in full before the enrollment key will be made available.

Upon sucessful completion of the course refunds of the course fee will be issued according to the following schedule. (Application and registraion fees are not refundable.)

Final Grade Refund
95% - 100% 75%
80% - 94.99% 50%
0% - 79.99% 0%
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