Peter - from Fishing to Faithfulness

Pastor Chris Grimbilas


Jesus' first words to Simon Peter were "Come, follow me"(Mark 1:17). His last words to him were, "You must follow me" (John 21:22) Every step of the way between those two challenges, Peter never failed to follow -- even though he stumbled. His life can provide us with great insight on our own walk with Christ. When we examine Peter's life and his walk with Jesus we see:

I. Fantastic Enthusiasm

A. Willing to Speak Up (He was anxious to voice his support for Jesus)

B. Willing to Spend Energy (He didn't mind hard work - Matt. 17:2-4)

C. Willing to Step Out (He even got out of the boat - Matt 14:28-29)

D. Willing to Stay Close (Peter follow, though from afar, even when the rest ran - Matt 26:57-58)

II. Faltering Faith

A. Wrong Ideas (There's a time to work and a time to worship Matt 17:2-4)

B. Wrong Perspective ( Focus on Christ, not circumstances -Matt 14:28-29)

C. Wrong Attitude (Peter's attitude was far from his bold proclamation that Jesus was the Christ Matt 26)

III. Finding Strength

A. Strong Enough to Stand Up (To those who mocked - Acts 2:14)

B. Strong Enough to Follow (Peter was the "leader", but realized he's never beyond following God - Acts 10:19-21)

C. Strong Enough to Lead (Peter was willing to transcend centuries of prejudice to lead Gentiles to Christ - Acts 10:25-28)