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This page contains a collection of Bible Preaching and teaching that I have found helpful in my Christian walk. I hope and pray that it will also be a help to those the Lord leads this way. Dave Marlett ThD


Two of the biggest challenges facing Christianity are the matter of Bible versions and the matter of "authority" in the Christian life. Is the Bible God's Word? Are the commands in the Bible really commands, or merely suggestions cancelled by God's grace? The first two sections here address these issues.

WCM is King James Only

Pastor James Knox, THE BIBLE Baptist Church of DeLand, Florida


Not far behind in the area of abuse by modern "Christians" is the subject of Separation. Is it an "old fashioned" doctrine (another dirty word in the "modern" church) or is something God expects from His children? The next section should yield and answer.



Maybe the problems the modern church faces are based in the fact that we don't "have" the Mind of God... We just don't see things or think the way He sees them and thinks. Bro James Knox sheds a great deal of light on this topic in this in-depth series.

The Mind of God - The Mind of Man


While we are looking at works by Bro James Knox, we should include a book study. One of his classics is this study in Romans.



How are your finances doing? Bro James Knox taught a very simple (and extensive) series on the topic of "Finance" You might want to review the matter of Biblical Authority before you start the series though.

Financial Management With The Bible as Our Final Authority


How about another excellent book study by one of my favorite expositors, Dr Mike Allison.


I do love good preaching!

Just Good Preaching