Also titled

Lectures on Revival


Charles Grandison Finney

August 29, 1792-August 16, 1875.

Table of Contents

Chapter Summaries
LECTURE I What A Revival Of Religion Is
LECTURE II When A Revival Is To Be Expected
LECTURE III How To Promote A Revival
LECTURE IV Prevailing Prayer
LECTURE V The Prayer Of Faith
LECTURE VI The Spirit Of Prayer
LECTURE VII On Being Filled With The Spirit
LECTURE VIII Meetings For Prayer
LECTURE IX Means To Be Used With Sinners
LECTURE X To Win Souls Requires Wisdom
LECTURE XI A Wise Minister Will Be Successful
LECTURE XII How To Preach The Gospel
LECTURE XIII How Churches Can Help Ministers
LECTURE XIV Measures To Promote Revivals
LECTURE XV Hindrances To Revivals
LECTURE XVI The Necessity And Effect Of Union
LECTURE XVII False Comforts For Sinners
LECTURE XVIII Directions To Sinners
LECTURE XIX Instructions To Converts
LECTURE XX Instructions To Converts (Continued)
LECTURE XXI The Backslider In Heart
LECTURE XXII Growth In Grace