This name, in all the printed lists of the Translators, has been misspelled Leigh. It should be Teigh or Tighe *. Dr. Tighe was born at Deeping, Lincolnshire; and was educated partly at Oxford, and partly at Cambridge. He was Archdeacon of Middlesex and Vicar of the Church of All Hallows, Barking, London. He is characterized as "an excellent textuary and profound linguist." Dr. Tighe died in 1620, leaving to his son an estate of one thousand pounds a year; which is worth mentioning because so rarely done by men of the clerical profession.

* See Le Neve's Fast Eccles. Ang. P. 194. Also Wood's Athenae, who adds, --"linguist," and "therefore employed in the Translation of the Bible."

Francis Burleigh, D.D.