He had been student and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; and was now Vice-Master of that important seminary. Thomas Fuller records the following instance of his meekness and charity. “I remember when the reverend Vice-Master of Trinity College in Cambridge was told that one of the scholars had abused him in an oration. ‘Did he,’ said he, ‘name me? Did he name Thomas Harrison?” And when it was returned that he named him not,--’Then,’ said he, ‘I do not believe that he meant me.’” We have a strong evidence of his reputation in the University in another duty which was assigned him. “On account of his exquisite skill in the Hebrew and Greek idioms, he was one of the chief examiners in the University of those who sought to be public professors of these languages.” *

* Harrisonus Honoratus, etc. a C. Dalechampio. Cantab, 1632. P. 7.

Robert Spaulding