"From A Tent-To A House-To A Cave"

Pastor David Johnston

2 Peter 2:4-9

Intro: The Jews are very injurious to this good man's character, and give a very different one of him from this of the apostle's; they call him a wicked man, a perfect wicked man, as wicked as the inhabitants of Sodom {d}; and say, that because they abounded in sin, therefore Lot chose to dwell among them {e}; and affirm {f}, that all the time he was with Abraham, God did not join himself to him, and did not commune with Abraham on his account; but, when he was separated from him, did; they call him the evil imagination, and the old serpent that was accursed, and cursed Lot

1. "Just Lot" - His Salvation

2. "Righteous Lot" - His Standing

3. "Vexed" - His Situation - oppressed or to make trouble for

Tent - Gen 13:1-13

a. Lot Looked - 10

b. Lot Chose - 11

c. Lot Seperated - 11

d. Lot Pitched - 12 "toward" (gradual)

e. Lot Knew! vs. 13 - day by day - (gradually got used to them)

House - Gen 19:1-26

a. Lot Sat In The Gate - 1 - still realized that they were wicked - 7

b. Lot Lived In The Town - 2

c. Lot Identified With The Sodomites - 7

d. Lot Compromised His Daughters - 8 - "Iím sure they heard him!"

e. Lotís Children Married Sodomites - 12, 14

f. Lotís Hypocrisy Exposed - 14

g. Lot Hesitant To Leave - 15-16

h. Lot Continued In His Disobedience - 17-22

i. Lot Lost His Wife and Family - 14, 26

Cave - vs 30-38

a. Lot Brought Wine With Him - 32

b. Lot Consented To Drink Until Drunk - 33

c. Lot Committed Incest With His Two Daughters - 33-36

d. Lotís Children Became Enemies of Israel - 37-38

e. Lot Damned His Own Family

De 23:3 An Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to their tenth generation shall they not enter into the congregation of the LORD for ever:

Pastor David Johnston, Galatians 6:14
Temple Baptist Church of Laurens, SC