Outlines From Psalm 119
50 great outlines on this great chapter!

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By Various Preachers

Peter - from Fishing to Faithfulness
Pastor Chris Grimbilas
Introduction: Jesus' first words to Simon Peter were "Come, follow me"(Mark 1:17). His last words to him were, "You must follow me" (John 21:22) Every step of the way between those two challenges, Peter never failed to follow -- even though he stumbled. His life can provide us with great insight on our own walk with Christ. When we examine Peter's life and his walk with Jesus we see:
I. Fantastic Enthusiasm
   A. Willing to Speak Up (He was anxious to voice his support for Jesus)
   B. Willing to Spend Energy (He didn't mind hard work - Matt. 17:2-4)
   C. Willing to Step Out (He even got out of the boat - Matt 14:28-29)
   D. Willing to Stay Close (Peter follow, though from afar, even when the rest ran - Matt 26:57-58)
II. Faltering Faith
   A. Wrong Ideas (There's a time to work and a time to worship Matt 17:2-4)
   B. Wrong Perspective ( Focus on Christ, not circumstances -Matt 14:28-29)
   C. Wrong Attitude (Peter's attitude was far from his bold proclamation that Jesus was the Christ Matt 26)
III. Finding Strength
   A. Strong Enough to Stand Up (To those who mocked - Acts 2:14)
   B. Strong Enough to Follow (Peter was the "leader", but realized he's never beyond following God - Acts 10:19-21)
   C. Strong Enough to Lead (Peter was willing to transcend centuries of prejudice to lead Gentiles to Christ - Acts 10:25-28)



The Spirit Controlled Life
   A. He Indwells - I Cor 6:19,20
   B. He Convicts - John 16:8
   C. He Fills - Eph 5:18



Sin and Self
I. Sin
   A. Reveal - Ps 139:23,24
   B. Repent - II Cor 7:10
   C. Replace - Rom 13:14
II. SelfRom 6 A Committed Life
    A. Know vs. 6 Acknowledge, the old man is dead
   B. Reckon vs.11 What ever is keeping you from dying, is keeping you from living.
   C. Yield vs.13 Constantly realize the need



How to Handle Irritations
Irritation defined: Any frustration producing agent over which we have no control.
    A. People - Phil 2:3
   B. Circumstances - Phil 1:12
  1)single mind - Phil 1:27
  2)submissive mind - Phil 2:5,8
   C. Things - Phil 3:7
  1)spiritual mind - Phil 3:10
   D. Worry - Phil 4:6
  1)secure mind - Phil 4:11,13,19
Wrong Responses
1. Protect yourself
2. Hold it in
3. Blame others
Right Responses
1. Thank God for the test.
2. Determine how much of the problem you caused.
3. Ask God what He is trying to teach you.



Satan's Counterplan For Revival
I. Satan is a:
 A. Deceiver
 B. Defiler
  C. Divider
 D. Destroyer
II. The Plan
 A. Disappointment - blown expectations
 B. Disillusionment
 C. Discredit - it can't happen to us
 D. Discouragement - worry is taking responsibility on myself that belongs to God
 E. Disobedience - do not even consider temptations
 F. Depression - emotional tantrum turned inward
 G. Despair - hopelessness
 H. Defeat - "It's too much. I give up!"
 I. Destruction
Expect God to test your commitment.
Thank God for ALL He chooses to use to make you Christ-like.



A Clear Conscience
A. Mark of Maturity - Heb 5:13,14
B. Spiritual Exercise of the Inner Man - Acts 24:16
C. Important Weapon for Overcoming Satan and Sin - I Tim 1:18,19
D. Allows Freedom to Share Faith With Boldness - I Peter 3:15
E. Health and Physical Appearance - Ps 32:1



3-Fold Test of a Faithful Man
Luke 16
Faithful in:
 1. Little things vs.10
 2. Money matters vs.11
 3. That which belongs to others vs.12



The Ark
Joshua 3:17
The priests bearing the ark stood firm.
The Ark Contained:
   A. The Law - God's Pre-eminence
 1. The perfection of God
 2. The depravity of man
 3. The need of a saviour
   B. The Manna - God's Provision
 1. The provision of God
 2. The dependency of man
 3. The urgency of salvation
   C. Aaron's Rod - God's Plan
 1. The message of God
 2. The messenger, a man
 3. The purpose, salvation



Getting Your Needs Met
Mark 10:46-52
The example of blind Bartimaeus
   A. He made himself vulnerable - vs 46
 left the security of his home to look for help
   B. He cried out - vs 47
 realized he had to ask to receive
   C. He swallowed his pride - vs 48
 when ridiculed for asking, he asked even louder
   D. He left all in faith - vs 50
 his garment may have been all he had
   E. He was specific in stating his need - vs 51
 "That I might receive..."



Kinds of Hearers
A. Forgetful Hearers - James 1:24 - they hear, but soon forget
B. Faithless Hearers - Matt 13:55 - they hear, but as the voice of man, not God
C. Itchy Eared Hearers - II Tim 4:3 - they hear, but only what they choose to hear and without profit



Show a Pattern
Titus 2:7,8
Show a pattern of good works in:
   A: doctrine - 2:1
   B: uncorruptness
  consistency of purity
   C: gravity
 greek "semnos" = venerable, worthy of respect by virtue of character or commanding respect by association
   D: sincerity
 "Openness before men is genuine proof of sincerity before God."
   E: sound speech
 literal translation = whole words, whole truth; nothing hidden - transparent honesty; whole counsel of God



A Sacrifice Acceptable
Romans 12:1
A sacrifice must be:
   A. without blemish - Mal 1:6,7
   B. given of free will - Lev 22:29
   C. cannot have died of natural causes - Lev 11:39
   D. must be whole - Ps 144:9



Worthy Because
Rev 5:9,10
   A. He gave His life
   B. He redeemed His people
   C. He made redemption available to all
   D. He gave us access to the King of Kings
   E. He made us eligible to rule and reign with Him



Peer Pressure
I Samuel 8
    A. Problem with the prophet - vs. 5
   B. Plea of the people - vs. 7
   C. Pollution of God's people - vs. 8
   D. Price of perversion - vs. 11-18
sons = strength
daughters = beauty
fields = finances
vineyards = joy
oliveyards = spirit
servants = help
   E. Pressure of the peers - vs. 19,20
   F. Provision of The Pre-eminent - Matt 27:37



A Pattern for Life
Ps 37:1-7
   A. Fret not - vs 1
   B. Trust in the Lord - vs 3
   C. Delight in the Lord - vs 4
   D. Commit unto the Lord - vs 5
   E. Rest in the Lord - vs 7



A Guide for Interpretation of Psalm 119
(Not necessarily needed, but a blessing just the same!)
Law - The body or system of rules established by one in authority.
Testimony - A declaration or affirmation of fact or truth given before a court.
Ways - The manner one prefers, wishes or wills.
Precept - A rule or principle imposing a particular standard of action or conduct
Statute - A decree or edict.
Commandment - Order given with authority.
Judgement - An authoritative appraisal or a determination of a judge
Word - An assurance or promise (note: John 1 !)



An Instrument of 10 Strings
Ps 144:9
Sing praises with:
2 hands
+2 ears
+2 eyes
+2 feet
+1 mouth
+1 heart
=10 stringed instrument



What God Can Use
God used:
   A storm - 1:4
   Gambling - 1:7
   A whale - 1:17
    A disobedient servant - 3:5
   A gourd - 4:6
   A worm - 4:7
   An east wind - 4:8
Why can't God use you?