Sermon Outlines By Steve Mays
Pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Laurens, SC

Title Text
The Power of Jesus Christ Mark 5
Suffering Col 1:12
Above All Things 1 Ptr 4:7
Hell Luke 16:22
The Spirit Filled Person Eph 5:18
Family Resemblance Luke 16:8
Excuses Luke 14:16 - 24
Some Nails We have to Hold To.. Ezra 9:8
Why Wander in the Wilderness? Num. 13
Why Elijah Wanted to Kill Himself I Kings 19
"Are those Holy Hands you're are raising?" 1 Tim 2:8
Go Forward! Ex. 14:10-15
Wanted, ...Men! Eze. 22: 23-30
Babies 1 Pet. 2:1-3
The Battle is for Your Faith Luke 22: 23-34
When He Comes Matt. 10:34-35
What Manner Of Person Ought Ye To Be II Pet. 3:9-18
What Happens When You Get Cold? Matt. 24:12-15
The Judgment Seat Of Christ 2 Cor. 5:10
Is There Not a Cause? I Sam 17:12-30
Continuing Acts 2: 37-46
God's Memory various
Pharisees Matt. 23
Light Matt. 5:13-16
A Must-See Tour of Israel Heb. 12: 18-29
The Courage Of Christ Deut. 20:4
The Right Kind of Heart Prov. 4:23
The ABC's of Growing Pains Matt. 4:19
A Way That Seemed Right Prov. 16:25
That's Ridiculous! Acts 27: 1-12
The Consequences of Sin James 1:15
Three Things That Will Send You to Hell Mark 9:41-48
Sin Is Killing Us Prov. 14:34
The Reason For Most of Our Marital Problems Haggai 1:6
What Is It To You? John 21:15-22
My Neighbor Matt. 22: 34-40
Without Precious Blood Heb. 9:22
The Secret To Success Rom. 10:3
In Exchange Mark 8:27 - 37
What Is Your Name? Gen. 32:27
The Mind of Christ Phil 2:1-10
Sowing In The Snow Matt. 13:3-8
Christ Our Substitute Isa. 53:1-12
The Cost and Consequences of the First Christmas Phil. 2: 5-8
Our Inheritance I Peter 1: 3-5
How To Build A Weak Church Eph. 3: 14-21
Welfare Baptist Church 2 Thess. 3:10
Biblical Submission Rom. 10:3
Our Spiritual Legacy Rev 14:13
The Lord's Compassion Lam 3:22-26
Lock Jaw Prov. 15:23
I Have Sinned Job 33:27,28
Hinderances to Reaching Every Creature Mark 16:15
Warning Signs of a Dying Church or Christian Life Rev. 3:2
Joy At The Throne Luke 15:1-10
Barrabus or Jesus? Deut. 30:19
Perfecting Holiness II Cor 6:14-7:1
Made To Job 7:3
Hell Isa. 66:15-24
The Most Dangerous Member of This Church James 3:5
Worship The Lamb Rev. 5:8-14
The Greatest Question Ever Asked Acts 16:16-32
From the Hog Pen to the Father's House Luke 15:11-24
You Got What You Wanted and Lost Everything 1 Samuel 8:6-19
Our Five-Fold Deliverance Deut. 26:6-11
The Rending of the Veil Matt. 27:50-53
City Life, Is It For You? Heb. 11:10

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