Wilderness Cry Bible Institute

Wilderness Cry Ministries offers Bible courses for students who are seeking a degree or just wanting to know more about the Word of God.

Our course of study will take the student through the entire Word of God in 65 lessons, each designed to be completed in 1 week.

You are only 15 months from a Graduate of Biblical Studies Degree!

Each lesson is only $5. Pay as you go, or pay it all up front and be done with it. All materials except your King James Bibles are provided. No extra fees. Nothing else to buy. No need to quit your job and move.

Each lesson is sent by email, and at the end of each week an exam will also be sent for that lesson. The exam needs to be completed and emailed back within 24 hours. Exams are open-book.

Ready to start? Drop us a line in the Contact Form below, and we'll have your lesson on Genesis in your Inbox along with instructions on making your payment through PayPal right away!

David Marlett Th.D.